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Connecting Fans with Bands since 1989

The primary purpose and focus of Undercurrents is to expose and promote the muses… especially in music.   The company offers networking opportunities while providing educational sessions and materials to musicians and entertainers who are hoping to increase the scope of their art.  Undercurrents is poised to become a global integrated entertainment experience by combining live interaction with web based education, networking, direct marketing and community building.  Our business model is fully aligned and synchronized with the interests of the developing musical artist whether songwriter or musician or both.

Undercurrents is run by John Latimer and the Undercurrents network is comprised of individuals selected as Regional Directors whose dedication to the muses is essential.  They form the spokes of the network by hosting monthly networking parties where participants not only have the opportunity to meet-and-greet but also learn new techniques to enhance their career.  Each month, a different topic is explored and discussed.  The Regional Directors host these gatherings and invite experts to participate on panels to share their views.  In addition, these Undercurrents Networking Parties provide an excellent opportunity for exposure of new songs and recorded releases,   Participants are encouraged to bring new demos, business cards and an attitude to network for maximum benefit.

The Undercurrents educational component provides a platform where aspiring musical artists can improve their knowledge and technique through monthly educational sessions and forums.  Each month the educational focus for artist improvement changes from songwriting to artist development to recording and performing.  There are 12 specific topics per year.  In addition, Undercurrents provides daily and weekly “Tips” via the web, social networks, print media, radio and cable.  These informative tips are organized to fit the monthly topic by including beginner ideas to seasoned pro suggestions.  The tips are available through blogs, podcasts, print ads, radio announcements, cable television and texting.

Persons interested in assisting the musical muses are eligible for membership into Undercurrents.  Lifetime membership includes voting rights, access to educational publications, monthly networking parties and a host of other benefits.  To join, please send a $10 donation.

Undercurrents, Inc.
P.O. Box 94040
Cleveland, Ohio 44101-6040 USA
music @ undercurrents.com

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