Artist Education

One of the primary objections of Undercurrents is to offer education to artists about their career and how to survive through their next masterpiece. Many beginning artists believe that the art is all that matters. True: it does matter. If the artist does not expect to make any money with their art then they should consider their art a hobby. There is nothing wrong with hobbies.  If the artist expects to reap some financial reward for their creativity, then they are in business. Undercurrents hopes to educate artists how to bridge the gap between their idea of art and their business.

The mission Undercurrents is to expose and promote the muses. The best way to do this is to encourage and educate artists to channel their artistic muse so their art becomes tangible form.

3 Major Steps to Artistic Success

Artist Development Plan

Artist Business Plan

Product Development Plan


College Credit for Artists

Undercurrents urges artists to consider earning college credit through Cuyahoga Community College for completing course work through our Music Business Education Seminars and Forums.

There are a few criteria that artists working with Undercurrents must meet:

1.)  You must be a member of Undercurrents

2.)  You must be registered with Cuyahoga Community College

3.)  If you are still in High School, you must have a 3.0 grade point average

Registration Link –

Class Name – Music Business – MUS 1110 (online and offline classes offered)

Undercurrents has partnered with Latimer Publishing to offer education materials for the focused artist. Handouts, books, sample contracts, presentations, audio education and more are offered through