Questions? Questions? Who’s got questions?  Here are some common questions and their answers that may help solve what you are looking for.

Is membership a one-time donation?

Yes. Donations are appreciated but certainly not mandatory. Once joining, you are a lifetime member and may opt-out at any time.

What is the cost to join Undercurrents?

The Undercurrents membership is free but donations are accepted. Please contribute what you are able. Join here.

Other than membership, are there other fees or costs?

There are many free educational opportunities for artists learning how to survive in the music industry. In addition, Undercurrents does offer other premium services for artists moving from the hobby stage of their career to the real business of making music.

How am I eligible to showcase?

Become a member an receive regular updates on showcase opportunities.

How is the Artist Development Plan going to help me?

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll not going to get there. The Artist Development Plan lays a path for success as each Artist focuses on all the preparation they may need to start making money.

As an Artist, I more concerned about the art than I am with the business. Shouldn’t I focus more on the art?

Art and commerce go hand-in-hand in the music industry as equals. If you only know the art, you may not make any money and without the money the art will suffer. You need both. Many music industry professionals would rather work with an artist is 90% talented and 10% business than an Artist who may be 100% talent and 0% business.

Do I have to become a member of Undercurrents to join Noteworthy Federal Credit Union?

No, but it sure makes it easier. If you would like to discuss options with Noteworthy, please call 1-216-263-7034 or email info @

Do you have one-on-one consulting about the music industry?

Yes. Inquire via email to music @