Product Development

Now that an Artist has finished their Artist Development Plan, they may being to focus on Product Development.

Product Development is implementing and producing: The making and the selling of music. Here are some things that make up Product Development.

1. Preparing Promotion
2. Producing Recordings
3. Film & Video
4. Packaging
5. Manufacturing
6. Distribution
7. Promotion
8. Publicity
9. Branding
10. Sales
11. Performances
12. Merchandising
13. Web

Product Development and the Scope of Undercurrents

Since Product Development is specific to each individual Artist, Undercurrents does not assist Artist with the completion of any parts of an Artist's products or services. Undercurrents is designed to educate. Artists should use the information provided to assist with their music business success. Product Development usually falls into the hands of an Artist's Manager.