Promotion 202

Promo Kits

The promo kit, similar to a personal resume, is often the first impression of an Artist (or their product). It is imperative that an Artist with professional aspirations invest adequate time and money into making the best presentation possible. Each Artist's promo kit will be different, and kits can be modified to fit individual situations.

A press/promo kit is a very important addition to an Artist’s demo CD, or record. Sometimes, for getting gigs, it's THE most important part of getting the buyer's attention. Honestly, many talent buyers don’t listen to the CD unless the press/promo kit indicates that the Artist has some sort of credibility. This is the presentation side of who and what the Artist is like and what others are saying about them. It completes the picture (somewhat) for people to learn more about the Artist and their brand.

There are THREE basic types of basically the same kit

  1. THE PROMO KIT (analog - paper)
  2. THE PRESS KIT (analog - paper)
  3. And the new hybrid - the ELECTRONIC PROMO KIT (EPK)

All three of them have a lot of the same materials in them. However, it's important to keep in mind WHO is targeted to receive the material. The PROMO KIT is the industry standard, because it contains all the necessary information for others in the industry to quickly evaluate the possibilities of working with the Artist. The PROMO KIT is what helps promote the Artist until they have some press, then it becomes a PRESS KIT.

The object is to portray the Artist as professional, moving up, making strides, and developing their fan base. Industry types that receive promo kits on a regular basis are looking for substantial, legitimate press and promotional materials - resources that reflect the Artist's progress - NOT FLUFF! Fluff only serves to show that the Artist doesn't have genuine credentials. THIS DOES NOT WORK! Industry people know in an instant what credible press is and can spot fluff a mile away.

Here are a few items which will likely be included in any promo kit.

  1. Recorded material, live or studio recordings
  2. A concise biography or history of the band
  3. Any positive press, include the date/publication
  4. Photograph, A good live photo will work in a pinch
  5. A listing or reference from venues already played

The promo/press kit should be professional yet efficient and as inexpensive as possible. 

Further Artist Development

Promo Kits

Promo Kits are only one part of an Artist's treasure trove of promo ammo. The use of a promo kit comes into play when the Artist is working on Product Development.

If the Artist has not completed the Artist Development Plan, click here for more information about Artist Development.