Promotion Overview for Artists

by John Latimer

After an Artist has finished with the Artist Development Plan, it time for the Artist to start thinking about how to make a living in this industry.  Before an Artist begins planning their product development such as performing, recording, licensing or merchandising, a good plan of attack must be contemplated. The first part of Product Development for an Artist is not booking a gig, or recording a song, but it’s the promotion of that product that should be addressed.  Why? Because the easiest way for an Artist to get a gig or sell a recording is through promotion. An Artist should think about the presentation of their goods and their services for each and every product that an Artist is planning.

In addition to an Artist Promo Kit, an Artist will need to understand how their customer (fan or music industry professional) will be attracted to the Artist in the first place. This is a big part of branding. Yes, Artists are brands and need to recognize this.

An Artist must constantly look at how they can develop their profile and their brand to their customers. To do so, Artists must invest time and energy in their promotional work.

No Promotion = No Audience = No Money

So, in addition to the Artist’s plan to perform and/or record, an Artist must consider the promotion first. This is not the actual implementation of promotion but the vision about the promotion of the planned project / product.

There are many items to consider when planning to promote a new product for an Artist: Calendars, Flyers, Interviews, Posters, Post Cards, Press Releases, Print Media, Signage, Ticket Buys, Venue Co-Promotions, Video, Web. In addition, there’s print media, radio, and television.