Promotion 202

December - Promotion 202

Photos, Bios, Promo Kits

Promotion Overview


Promotion 202


It is very tough to create a great photo of an Artist. In the thousands that I have encountered only a few have had creativity and depth. It may seem cheesy to arrange a photo shoot but if Artist take this part seriously they will deeply benefit from it in the long run.

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Promotion 202


Part of an Artist’s promo kit involves the biography of the Artist. There are actually two styles of an Artist bio that may need to be developed: A short, one-paragraph bio and a full, more extensive bio.

  1. Who is the Artist?
  2. Career Status
  3. Background
  4. Career Highlights
  5. Media quotes

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Promotion 202

Promo Kits

The promo kit, similar to a personal resume, is often the first impression of an Artist (or their product). It is imperative that an Artist with professional aspirations invest adequate time and money into making the best presentation possible. Each Artist's promo kit will be different, and kits can be modified to fit individual situations.

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