by John Latimer

Once a record has been manufactured and is ready to be sold to the public, Product Development turns its attention to sales. In addition, once a musician-artist hones their chops, develops a quality set of songs to perform on stage and is ready to be sold to talent buyers / bookers, then Product Development again enters the picture. Many young labels and developing artists forget this in their rush to record their music. If the artist or record label is going to spend thousands of dollars recording the music, wouldn’t it be a good idea to find a way to sell it beforehand? The same is true for an artist who just booked a gig. That’s how professionals think. They make sure a system is in place to sell their audio recordings and performance tickets to their artist’s fans. Many young artists and record labels make the mistake of trying to get some radio airplay for their recordings, or other media attention, before they’ve found a way for the public and their fans to buy it. Smart artists don’t make such mistakes.