Artist Education

Since 1989, Undercurrents has offered forums, seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions to educate artists about the business of music. Each month, Undercurrents focuses on a different segment of the music industry for artists to gain knowledge about the inner workings and the how-to of this crazy world of music. This is not about how well the Artist plays their instrument but how well the Artist will succeed in the music business. Talent and luck are both needed but neither make money. Smart Artists who recognize that a plan is needed are much more likely to succeed.

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Artist Development

Artist Development and Product Development go hand-in-hand for artists. They should work in combination and coordination with each other. When a balanced approach to developing music and business affairs are respected equally, a more realistic opportunity for achieving success with music is created.  Art is no less important than commerce for today’s developing musician.

This is the music business.  Many artists will face 2 types of development in their careers.  There’s Artist Development and there’s Product Development.

Artist Development is pre-release.  It’s the creating, the planning & the preparing. Content, copyrights, image, management, funding, agreements, rights, trademarks, and more are all a part of artist development.

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Product Development

Product Development is implementing and producing:  The making and the selling of music. The best way for an Artist to easily proceed through the various projects of Product Development is for them to have all components of Artist Development completed first.

Product Development is implementing and producing: The making and the selling of music.  Here are some things that make up Product Development: Producing Recordings, Film & Video, Packaging, Manufacturing, Distribution, Promotion, Publicity, Branding, Sales, Performances, Merchandising, Web and more

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