Seminar Sponsorship  $5,000

A Seminar Sponsor  is the premier sponsor for a particular seminar topic held during the Undercurrents Entertainment Conference and Expo.  The Seminar Sponsor has their name and logo attached to everything involved with the particular seminar.


  1. Mention or Logo everywhere the Seminar is mentioned.

  2. Logo on all Conference advertising

  3. Announcement of sponsor status twice during seminar

  4. Logo & link on Undercurrents website

  5. Company explanation and benefit promotion on Undercurrents Web site.

  6. Company recognition on Undercurrents regional forum press releases.

  7. Company recognition on all Undercurrents Conference brochures

  8. Company recognition on the postcards promoting the regional forum

  9. Signage on seminar stage used during topic discussion

  10. Option to use Undercurrents articles as content for your Web site.

  11. Place to put sponsor literature at seminar's topic

  12. Option to have a Raffle giveaway at each event.

  13. Promotion of Raffle giveaway on Undercurrents Web site.

  14. Promotion of Raffle giveaway on Registration Confirmation including a listing of company name and URL.

  15. Explanation of company and benefits during raffle at the event.

  16. Coupon

  17. Promotion of coupon discount on Undercurrents Web site

  18. 20 tickets