Titanium Sponsorship  $10,000

(other sponsorship levels)

Company Name / Logo on Event Brochures, Flyers & Posters X
Company Logo in Event Booklet X
Website Internet Promotion, Driving Traffic to Sponsors Website via Web Posts, Emails & Blogs X
Hyperlink to Company’s Website from Event Website X
Company Logo Prominently Displayed on the Event Website X
Mention of Company from Stage by Emcee during Event X
Showcase or Seminar Potential X
Table Space for Literature at Event X
Coupon in the Event Booklet Coupon Section X
Commemorative Poster of Event X
Video or Audio Archive X
Company Logo on Event Postcards and Invitations X
Recognition on Event News Releases X
Sponsor Employees get Ticket Discount X
Signage at Event X
Company Logo Included on T-Shirt X
Free Tickets (# depends on level of sponsorship) X
Company Logo on Event Print Advertising X
Right of First Refusal for Upcoming Events X
Mention of Company on Radio, Television and Cable spots X
VIP Table X
Company Name on Ticket X
Option to have a Raffle Giveaway at Event X
Promotion of Raffle Giveaway on Event Website X
Explanation of Company and Benefits during Raffle at the Event X
Exclusivity X